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MARCUS LUER is Asia’s #1 Sports Marketing Entrepreneur and the Group CEO of TSA (Total Sports Asia), Asia’s global sports marketing agency which he founded 24 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Marcus is a thought after industry expert and speaker and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg Asia, regularly presents at major global sports conferences and has contributed to many international newspapers and industry magazines articles.

He recently launched his own Sports Entrepreneurs Podcast featuring top sports executives and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Sports Business International (SBI) magazine voted him into the “SBI 200 Team”, comprising of the most influential leaders in the industry over the past 18 years.

Total Digital Group is his latest venture, combining his experience in IP licensing, content creation and distribution and his access to global IP owners with his passion for digital innovations.

Total Esports (TES), is his latest venture, combining the expertise in sponsorship, media and IP licensing from the traditional world of sports to the booming Gaming & Esports ecosystem.

TES works with top Gaming publishers, platforms and Esports teams from around the world in Asia. TES is also involved in launching new OTT Gaming platforms in MENA (www.d11.gg) and SEA region (www.hubber.gg).

He is also the co-founder of Glory Sports International (GSI), the #1 Kickboxing League in the world…



DANIEL PINEDA is a 6x Forbes featured American entrepreneur recognized for his work in creating “the stock market of apps”;  a collateral loan model where app makers can secure loans with digital royalties. Understanding that investing in individual projects is risky,

Daniel’s innovative twist was to bundle apps into portfolios. Daniel believes a portfolio of  digital goods has the potential to compete with traditional assets like stocks and real estate.

Daniel entered the blockchain space in 2016 with an interest in conditional payments using smart contracts to automate lending.  Since then smart contracts and other decentralized applications have opened access to new sources of liquidity for digital brands.

Building on this idea of bundling, Daniel advised his sponsors to combine his project with other blockchain apps into a portfolio. This suggestion saw his project apptrade.io funded in 2017.

Apptrade.io was one of the first 80 blockchain projects in the United States. One challenge that emerged from this experience was being funded in crypto while paying overhead in fiat.  The company relied on liquidity providers in the Bitcoin over the counter (OTC) space to convert Bitcoin into fiat to cover operating expenses.

Realising he wasn’t alone in this problem, in mid 2018, Daniel started privately advising various Dapp projects in obtaining liquidity. 

Through his advisory roles and building his own blockchain apps,  Daniel has garnered a network of investors and developers in the blockchain community.

After investing in compliance research, Daniel and his team of advisors started drafting a comprehensive framework for standardizing blockchain regulation. 

Among funding efforts, Daniel is now strengthening alliances to support his policy coalition and continues to advise and build projects in the areas of digital goods and gaming.  




CrinkleCo. is an multi-media publishing and production studio that specializes in digital art, comics, and commercial branding.

CrinkleCo. thrives on connecting artists with their communities and expanding the boundaries of engagement. Aiming to build a creative owned publishing house, CrinkleCo. has access to a network of industry grade talent from the entertainment world; including 2d/3d animators, comic artists, copy writers, and more.

TDG is proud to work with CrinkleCo. on making captivating NFT designs and other visual media required of our NFT campaigns.

Helping content owners identify, migrate and manage their traditional assets, creating valuable digital media archives. Whether a media company or business has accumulated film, videotapes, audio recordings, prints, negatives or documents,

MediaMine has a solution for an organization’s asset management needs. MediaMine’s mission is to serve as a bridge between the rich heritage of our shared world, the business objectives of media-involved companies, and the aspirations of media consumers MediaMine is dedicated to helping businesses realize the full potential of their catalogs through a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the monetization solutions it undertakes.

MediaMine aims to serve both its clientele and the public as an dynamic provider of innovative solutions for exploration and discovery through the media arts.